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"Pam was there for me while my husband was deployed overseas. She was a calm presence that reassured me of my body's capability to birth my baby." 
- Holly
​(This was a birth via Skype for a precious military family! -P)
"My husband and I are both from abroad, we both do not have any close family here. We wished for someone who would be able to help us not only with the birth itself but also someone who would be able to be beneficial to our general family situation at that time: We already had a son who then was 2 years old and not very certain what to think about being a big brother to a little sister; I was 43 years old, a so-called high-risk pregnancy, who nevertheless wanted a natural birth; my husband is very sweet but needed some support during that time; and we did not have any family members close by who would be able to help with a newborn.In addition, I was extremely unhappy with the doctors I had during my whole pregancy. I changed doctors four times, because all of those doctors wanted to induce or do a c-section. And I did not. Pam encouraged me to look for another doctor even though it was only 10 days before the due date. She saw how upset and unhappy I was with the doctor situation. I managed to find another doctor Pam and I both liked. Pam was so wonderful. She was in our home during the main part of the labor and made it bearable to get through the contractions. She helped my husband getting organized before we went to the hospital, and she knew exactly what to do and what to say to us and the hospital personnel. She was extremely helpful to everyone involved without being dominant or patronizing at all. Pam is very experienced and compentent, very kind and warm, she has a wonderful humor and optimism. It was obvious that she loves life and bringing life into the world without overwhelming us with religious concepts and ideas; being European we are not very comfortable with the churches and the belief systems in the South. Pam respected this completely.  I will always be grateful for the beautiful birth I had, her warm ways, her respect for our family issues, and her sincere interest in our well-being."    
- Christiane
(We reached the hospital at 9 cm & birthed a beautiful baby only 30 minutes later - that's the way! -Pam)
"For far too many women pregnancy and birth is something that happens to them rather than something they set out consciously and joyfully to do themselves."
- Shelia Kitzinger, Client
"I have known Pam for 4 years.  Professionally, she has mentored and encouraged me.  Personally, she was my doula for the birth of my 3rd child.  There are many factors which make her a highly qualified doula.  She has many years of experience, wisdom that comes only with time, a passion to help encourage moms to achieve the birth they desire, a gentle touch, and a mother's heart.  I could not recommend Pam more highly; she is a treasure!"    
-Tracey Carrin, Childbirth Educator and Doula